Data is an infinitely valuable resource and the right people data can reveal a world of deep insights and eureka moments. Three of our recent case studies come to mind:

But generating insights doesn’t happen automatically and it isn’t always easy. In…

Do you remember playing Rumours as a child? The first player comes up with a message and whispers it to next person in the line. The next person repeats the message to the third person, and so on. When the last person is reached, they announce the message they heard to the entire group.

Have you ever played rumours as an adult?

I have.

We played this game during a leadership effectiveness program with 150 leaders from an Australian Public Service organisation who were experiencing major change.

The first message was:

“Microsoft Office will become redundant as a result of…

Now more than ever, shareholders are losing patience with leadership while employees and customers have a greater sway. A recent Strategy& research paper highlighted that Australia’s CEO turnover rate was highest in the world at 21.9%

The ivory towers of the past have been dismantled by social media, royal commissions and reviews

Picture this. You have just rolled out a sales campaign, the results are poor, your executives are upset, the results point to issues with some aspect of the product. What happens next? Immediately a “Tiger Team” is formed, and people work day and night to ensure that the issues are rectified.

Now picture this. You have just rolled out your annual engagement survey, the results are poor, your executives are upset, the results point to leadership as the largest gap. The solution? HR is going to run focus groups and report back on what is going on in a few…

The competitive landscape is changing.

Everyone’s under threat, while organisations are struggling to innovate quickly enough to meet the growing expectations of their customers and shareholders. Executives need to future proof their businesses — yet are often fixed on the tried-and-tested solutions and ideas of the past.

The way you’ve ‘always done things’ will only get you so far.

Evidence of Australia lagging, was our recent performance in the Global Innovation Index (2018), where we ranked 20th. So exactly what caused our poor performance? …

Nick Tucker

A psychologist, consultant and leader passionate about making the world a better place to work.

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